10+ Cute Photos Of Doggos And catties Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

When Reddit user R JavaReallySucks posted a photo titled “Dog before and after being called a good boy”, he immediately inspired others to try the same thing on their pets. People everywhere have used the internet to post pictures of their ‘good boys’. . Dogs, cats, you name it, they posted it!

Who does not like to have pets, as their reactions differ only from serious efforts for funny pictures. And the reactions of cats are even more fun.
However, your dogs are happy to bounce after hearing your voice. And if you look after them, then they have a different reaction, and they are very cute, they are very cute without any movement.

Here are the pictures themselves in all their feline, canine, and bird glory…

#1. I think we can all agree that this is the face of a very good boy!

#2. Before and after being told he’s a good doggo.

#3. Look at that smile!

#4 Before & After Being Called A Good Girl

#5 Django After Hearing “good Boy” !! It’s All In The Eyes

#6 After Calling My 11 Years Old Dog A ” Good Deer”

#7 He’s A Good Boy.

#8 Seriously!!

#9 Dobby or Doggy?

#10. One word…ADORABLE.

#11 “Me? Cute…? Oh, stop it you!”

#12 Who, Me?

#13 Did someone say… ‘good boy’…?!

#14. If this isn’t a good boy, then we don’t know what is

#15. “I’m not a good girl!”

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