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18 Hilarious comics about daily life situations by ExeNizzie

There are many struggles in our daily life which we need to win somehow. So you better laugh at them. Today we have brought for you a very funny comic filled with daily struggle. Meet Lucia, a 23-year-old popular Argentinean artist known on social media as ExeNizzie. Lucia beautifully puts the daily struggle in her […]

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30 Funny Comics About Random Events in Life with Unexpected Twists by Blanche

Meet Blanche who is an amazing Canadian artist. Blanche’s comic can surprise you with unexpected and funny twists. Blanche is a creative genius. The comic is based on a fictional world depicting random events from everyday life. Comic Very Entertaining We are pretty sure the comic will bring a good laugh to your face. Blanche […]

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15 funny comics that show what happens when you become very comfortable in your relationship

If you have been in a relationship for so long, you can’t even track anymore, you all know that things were not completely different and new, exciting and mysterious when you were a new cute couple. In fact, they are sometimes awkward when you’re in a long-term relationship. This is a sign that the person […]