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30 Silly And Funny “Gryzlock” Comics About Absurd Situations

There would hardly be a day when some of us would not see some comics on social media. Comics have become a part of our everyday lives. Today we bring you more mainstream jokes with funny characters and absurd situations. The webcomic is named “Gryzlock”. In comics, artists often add unexpected endings to cartoons with […]

COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Hilarious Comics Full of Absurd Scenarios and Clever Jokes by Michael Crozier

We’re pleased to introduce you to another talented comedian who is creating a series about relatable situations. Meet cartoonist Michael Crozier, known for creating hilarious comics full of absurd scenarios and clever jokes. The artist uses a 4-panel style in his comics. The artist’s comics become apparent within a few readings, and some take a […]


25 Adorable And Funny Comics By Brendan Loper About His Life With A Cute Dog (New Photos)

Meet Brandon Loper, the talented French cartoonist known for creating hilarious comic series. If you love cute dogs and happy moments, you are in for a gift. Brendan’s comic features an adorable orange dog named Hammy who has adventures. The artist’s comics are also published in The New Yorker magazine. The artist’s comics are known […]

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25 Funny Comics Full Of Unexpected Twists And Dark Humor By Dmitry Piankov

Are you preparing for the weekend, or maybe you’re preparing for the new week? Either way, you may feel like you need to boost your mood. If so, we have just the right thing for you. Meet Dmitry Piankov, a Russian artist known for creating fun and surprising comics. The artist creates a witty comic […]


30 Funny One-Panel Comics Filled With Ridiculous Situations And Daily Dilemmas By Anthony Smith

Today we bring you comics full of fun and unexpected moments that will make your day. Meet Anthony Smith, London’s popular artist who presents hilarious situations and daily dilemmas. Anthony plays a lovable dog character in his comics. The artist used a single-panel style for his comics series titled “Doggonite”. Which is very funny. The […]

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The 30 Best Single-Panel Comics with Sudden Humor by Artist Mark Lynch (New Photos)

Today we’d like to introduce you to talented cartoonist Mark Lynch. Who create one-panel comics with beautiful illustrations and witty comments. Mark is very good at finding humorous aspects. He is known as “Daily Cartoon” on social media. Mark brings his unique humor to you through the cartoon style of his comics. We hope you […]

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30 Funny And Relatable Comics By ChickenPupPie (New Pics)

Today we’re introducing you to an artist who loves to create silly situations and turn them into something funny. Meet ChickenPupPie, a talented artist who specializes in drawing adorable puppies in everyday situations. We hope you will like the comics very much. The artist always liked making comics. He gets inspiration to create comics from […]

COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By Ryan RD

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that reading comics is a way for many people to temporarily forget their problems and immerse themselves in whatever world the artist creates. Meet Ryan RD, the renowned artist who creates comics depicting everyday situations with absurdity and irony. The comic is very funny. We hope you like the […]

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30 Comics by Kristen Bevilacqua That Reflect Women’s Daily Life Issues and Experiences

Recently, comics have been many artists’ most effective means of expressing thoughts and feelings. Comics are the easiest way to forget about everyday fatigue and your worries temporarily. Today we have brought comics of such an artist who will make your day. Meet Kristen Bevilacqua, known for creating comics filled with complexities and everyday challenges. […]