Artist’s 29 Hilarious Comics Summarize a Girl’s Everyday Life Problems (New Pics)

Get ready to laugh your heart out with our comic collection! Today, we’re featuring talented artist Xan, best known for his hilarious comedy series “PromptlyPaneled.” Xan started making comics before the 2019 pandemic. The artist has captured humorous, absurd, and satirical moments in the comic which is a lot of fun. The artist creates comics […]


30 Hilarious Comics With Absurdity And Weird Situations By Tauhid Bondia

Today we’d like you to meet Tauheed Bondia, a talented artist who creates humorous single or four-panel comics. The duo’s comics are called “Crabgrass Comics”. The comics contain a plethora of little moments and things that characterize the 80s. Tauheed is a creative genius. The comic is very entertaining, we are sure that the comic […]


30 Funny And Humorous One-Panel Comics On Everyday Life And Politics By Dennis Goris (New Pics)

Are you tired of everyday work so you need to take a break? Today we bring you a comic full of dark humor with a surprising and often unexpected ending. Meet Dennis, the cartoonist who isn’t afraid to touch on sensitive topics or politics. The artist also creates other, slightly more light-hearted comics based on […]

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25 Funny and Relatable Comics Full of Life’s Strange Moments and Unexpected Turns (New Photos)

Meet Evie Hilliar, an Australian comedian known for creating hilarious comics full of silly jokes and unexpected twists. Hilliar transforms even the simplest aspects of our lives into hilarious comics. Comics always end with a strange dark twist. The two most common themes in the artist’s comics are stupid jokes and mental health. Sometimes both […]

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Metzger’s 30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics, With Fun and Dark Twists

Today we bring for you a comic full of dark humor and unexpected twists. Meet Scott Metzger, the artist who created the famous comic “scottmetzgercartoons”. The comic features animals that can speak human language as its main characters. The artist creates single-panel comics that depict hilarious situations. His funny ideas will surprise you. Metzger’s comic […]

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30 Funny Creative Short Comics Full Of Absurd Situations And Silly Humor By This Artist (New Photos)

The best way to relieve everyday fatigue is to sit back and read webcomics. Today we have brought for you comics with a deep sense of humor. Meet Will Santino, an artist specializing in webcomics. Artists incorporate childhood fairy tales, pop culture, animals, and even pumpkins into their comics. Will’s comics are usually short. Which […]

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30 More Of The Hilarious Comics With Unexpectedly Dark Endings By John Atkinson (New Photos)

Meet John Atkinson, a Canadian cartoonist who creates humorous cartoons inspired by themes from popular classic literature. Artists use a sense of humor in their comics, which is always a plus. John has his comic series named “Wrong Hands” which is very popular. The artist’s cartoons are often inspired by classic books, which he humorously […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Humor and Twisted Endings By “Off The Mark” (New Pics)

Let us introduce you to Mark Parisi and his comic series ‘Off the Mark’. We’re sure many of you will love it, especially if you’re a fan of dark humor and a surprise ending. Mark is a New Englander who started drawing comics in 1987. Mark has been creating comics for over 30 years. Which […]

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Hilarious Comics by Dustin Rogers with Funny Twists and Unexpected Endings

Meet illustrator Dustin Rogers who creates comics full of unexpected twists and surprising endings. Storyboarding is Dustin’s favorite way to communicate ideas. The cast is guaranteed to change your mood into a good one. The artist is a UX designer by profession. The most exciting part of Dustin’s artwork is that you can never guess […]