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30 Hilarious Minimalist Comics Without Dialogue By Carlo Ferdon

Today we have brought for you an amazing comic that will brighten your day. The comics are all funny and centered around almost surreal or dream-like situations. The comic is one-panel with no words used but the comic is very hilarious. Meet Carlo Ferdón a genius artist from Chile. Artists have their own unique way […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Humor And Social Criticism By Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Today we have brought a comic full of satire for you. Whose artwork you will like. The comic features quirky artwork with dark humour, satire and social criticism. Meet Alex Gamsu Jenkins, a famous London illustrator and cartoonist whose comics are so popular. We are sure you will love the comic. Alex loves to read […]

Art & Photography COMICS Creepy FUNNY

30 Funny Comics That Cover Silly Situations By Chuck Ingverson

Are you bored with everyday life, you are looking for something new to laugh at then you are the perfect place. Meet Chuck Ingvarson, a Chicago-based freelance cartoonist and comedian who creates funny and funny comics. The webcomic features dogs, cats, bears, horses, otters, sharks and other animals. Who will make you laugh with his […]