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Comics With Hilarious, Dark Humor, And Unexpectedly Twisted By Martin Rosner

You are bored with everyday work, and you are looking for something similar. If your mood changes, then you are at the right place. Meet Martin Rosner, the creator of Hot Paper Comics, an amazing artist. His comic got everything that happens in contemporary comics. Dark Humor, while being comically witty and entertaining, will give […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists And Dark Humor By Max Garcia

Are you tired of everyday work and need a break? Then you are the right place. Today we have brought you random and absurd comics that will make your day. And the best way to unwind and relax your mind from seasonal worries. Meet Max Garcia, a talented New York-based creator, writer, and illustrator. Who […]

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Depicts bizarre and absurd situations in 30 Weirdest Comics by Dan Piraro

Today we have brought you amazing comic which will make your day. Meet the famous Mexican artist Dan Piraro whose popular comic name is ‘Bizzaro’. The comic is a single-panel cartoon strip that has been in operation since 1985 and has been published in over 360 newspapers and magazines. Dan’s comedic style is very simple […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Absurd And Funny Situations By Dieter Bevers

Are you bored with everyday life, you should take a break. Today we have brought an amazing comic for you which will change your mood. Meet Dieter Bevers who hails from Belgium. Dieter Freelance Cartoonist These have won a lot of cartoon awards in other countries around the world. The artist’s comic is simple yet […]

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29 Hilarious Comics for Dark Humor Lovers by Pierre Mortel

Artist, Pierre Mortel is a very popular artist people read his comics with great enthusiasm. He is originally from the countryside of France. And the artist is very adept at creating stories. However, he is a little weak in drawing pictures. So he focused more on creating stories. Artists have been making comics for many […]

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30 Hilarious Comics with Cute Animals in Strange Situations by BrainHoleSky

Today we bring you a hilarious comic. Comics include many emotions such as laughter, sadness, anger and passion. Comic will make your day. Meet Taiwanese artist BrainHoleSky, who features cute animals in all kinds of strange situations in his comic. The artist’s aim is only to make people laugh. The artist’s comics are short and […]