Funny comics with unexpected endings and a pinch of dark humor by ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ (30 new photos)

Are you looking for something fun to do to beat the boredom? Today we have brought comics full of dark humor for you. Which will end your boredom. Meet artist Nicholas Gurevich, a popular New York artist. Nichols’ comics add twists and turns to short cartoon stories in a fun way. This comic is one […]


22 Weird and Funny Comics with Twisted Endings By ‘Cheddar Bacon Studios’

Are you bored of everyday work and you want to freshen up your mood, then you are at the right place? The comic is the best way to work out our everyday stress. Meet Jared, the artist who creates hilarious comics with unexpected twists. The comic is about ridiculous situations, absurd consequences, and, frankly, good […]


30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings And Dark Twists By Artist Michael Ashton

Meet Michael Ashton the popular American comedian. Michael’s comic is funny comics with an unexpected ending. The comic may seem sweet and wholesome at first but when you reach the last panel the comic turns into dark humor. We hope you will enjoy the comic. The artist gets inspiration to draw comics from conversations between […]


30 hilarious comics with absurd situations and unexpected twists

Today we bring you an amazing comic that is hilarious with absurd and unexpected twists. Which incorporates random characters and lots of pop-culture references. The name of the popular comic is “Nicholas and his doubts”. Which is full of unexpected twists and turns and deep jokes. We hope you enjoy the comic. The artist started […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By “But a Jape”

The artist, James Sandoval is a very popular artist, people read his comics with great enthusiasm. His comic shows the quirky universe and pop culture. James named his comic “But a Jep”. Which leads to unexpected turns with ridiculous circumstances. The comic is a surprise comic. We hope you enjoy the comic. The artist was […]


Hilarious Comics About Daily Life Situations With Unexpected Endings By Artist Yaplaws Comics

There will hardly be a day when some of us don’t scroll through some comics on social media. Because comics are one of the many mediums that artists use to express their thoughts. Meet the talented artist Yaplavs who is known on social media as “Yaplavs Comics”. Artists create funny comics about everyday thoughts, mental […]


Ironic short comics based on everyday life by Gudim Anton (26 New Pics)

Meet Gudim Anton, a Moscow-based painter who tells ironic short stories about our current society and its values. Anton named his comic “Yes, but” which is very popular all over the world. The artist notices and portrays the irony that occurs in his everyday life. The artist’s comic is very entertaining. , His art shows […]