ART Art & Photography Disney Illustration

The artist shows which of your favorite celebrities should be popular Disney characters

Helen Morgun is an artist from Russia. She loves drawing portraits of celebrities and turning her pictures into animated Disney characters. She attracts them as characters she must play or she played at some point in her career. She usually thinks about what would be best for the celebrity. She has about 90k followers on […]

ART Art & Photography Illustration

Artist Ryan Pagelo created Cute Comics with Dark Endings

Today we have brought lotus comics for you. They are very adorable, which will make your day. Our artist hails from Chicago, his name is ‘Ryan Pagelow’, who specializes in webcomics. Which makes people crazy. The creative artist creates entertaining and mood-enhancing pieces including characters such as animals, foods, ghosts, and everyday objects. Ryan  Pagelow has […]

ART Art & Photography Illustration

The artist converts popular characters from movies, TV series, and animations into anime

Have you ever thought about how your favorite characters like – film, cartoon, or TV will turn into anime? This idea is being fulfilled by Mexican artists. His name is Brenny Murasaki He is a brilliant genius. Take from famous series, films, and cartoons as his inspiration. All these convert letters completely into anime. They […]