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15+Artist Creates Cute Comics And Shared His Life Journey With His Wife

Yehuda Adi Devir is very popular for his comic. A Tel-Aviv-based painter, comic artist, and character designer, he writes about his life in his comic, and is supported by his wife.

It is a matter of those days, a child came into the life of Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife Maya. Then both of them decided to make a comic together. “There is a series that represents little battles or conflicts that everyone is suffering in a relationship. Showing their full efforts by their comics. Along the way, with joy and trouble, the couple made it into an animated documentary that is certainly notable.

A few months ago she revealed the news of her pregnancy in a series of hilarious pictures that represent her beautiful journey to make a life. The struggles in this beautiful journey are shown, such as – looking after the child, feeding him, sleeping him, haircutting on his birthday, vexation. Seven of such difficult things to find time for each other and try to make a beautiful family

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