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30 Funny Comics By Talented Artist Jody Zellman That Might Make You Smile (New Pics)

Meet Jody Zelman, an incredible comedian who brings comedy to life with his funny and unexpected comics, memes, and jokes. Jody’s comics are a mix of humor and everyday life. The artist started making comics in September 2017. The artist draws inspiration from great artists like Gary Larson, George Carlin, and Dave Barry. Jodie’s unique […]

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22 Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings And A Little Dark Humor By SpaceboycantLOL (New Pics)

Adding the above comic to my comics. Meet the amazing comedian Mohit Srivastava, who portrays surprising and funny situations with unexpectedly dark content. The comics are filled with purely delightful jokes. Challenges logic and reality with its absurd and hilarious comics, often ending with a twist you didn’t see coming. Mohit Srivastava is a popular […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Bizarre Situations And Twisted Endings By Dan Piraro (New Photos)

Comic strips are a great medium to bring laughter and relaxation in our lives. If you are looking for hilarious comics, you are in the right place. Meet Dan Piraro who is known for creating his witty and satirical comics depicting the most unexpected scenarios. The artist has used a pen style in the comic […]

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25 Hilarious Comics Full Of Absurd Situations And Silly Humor By Proedemtes

Do you need a fun break from whatever is bothering you at the moment? Well, we think we can offer you that! Stan Korabelnikov, also known as “Proedemtes”. He uses cute characters in his comics to express his random thoughts and ideas about life through playful comics. Stan’s comics are hilarious. Artists are inspired to […]

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30 Dark Humor Comics with Unexpected Twists by “Machine Earing”

Today we bring you absurd webcomics with dark humor and unexpected twists. Which will undoubtedly add to your entertainment. The artist has named his webcomic “Machine Earing Comics”. Which surprises with unexpected twists and deep themes. An unexpected source of inspiration for an artist to create a comic? You will be surprised! Once, I was […]

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30 Funny And Satirical Comics That Show The Contradictions Of Our Society (New Photos)

If you’ve been here for a while, you might know artist and illustrator Anton Gudim, who is known for creating comics full of absurdity, irony and dark humor. Anton Gudim’s work in the world of comics is quite popular thanks to his series “Yes, but”. The artist shares his comics mostly on Instagram. The artist […]

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30 Funny Comics With Satirical Twists And Quirky Humor From An American Artist (New Photos)

Are you bored of everyday life, looking for something new to laugh then this is the right place for you. Meet Jim Benton, the US-based cartoonist and writer who creates funny and funny comics. The webcomic is full of bright colors, expressive characters, and clever jokes. We are sure that this comic will bring a […]


30 Hilariously Relatable Comics About Everyday Life By Blanche.draw

Meet artist blanche.draw, an artist based in Montreal. The artist specializes in creating funny and relevant comics. Blanche is known for drawing comics about women. Blanche’s comics have become very popular on social media, with many people sharing them. The artist loved to draw comics and illustrations since childhood. The artist often introduces himself as […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Wacky Jokes And Dark Twists From “Joseph Novak” For Dark Humor Lovers (New Pics)

Today we have brought a comic for those who like dark humour, twisted and wali comics. Meet Joseph Novak who is from Canada but currently lives in Berlin. Novak’s comic has a strong affinity for dark humor and those with absurd or unexpected endings. Each of his comics makes you laugh. The exciting part of […]

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Something For Fans Of Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings By ToothyBj (30 New Photos)

Today we would like to present you a new series of comics created by “ToothyBj”. The artist shares his work on two Instagram accounts, and has over 128k followers on his main profile. The artist creates funny comics with dark humor and unexpected endings that have gained immense popularity. The artist is inspired to make […]