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30 Weird and Funny Comics with Twisted Endings By SpaceBoyCantLol

Nowadays, hardly any comic can surprise you because humor has become a good way to express thoughts and ideas. At which people around the world can quickly laugh. However, India’s artist Mohit Srivastava brought something new to the table. Challenges logic and reality with its absurd and funny comics, which often end with twists you […]

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30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics From ‘Fruit Gone Bad’ With Funny And Dark Twists

Have you ever wondered what would happen if our everyday fruits and vegetables could talk? Artist NY Cartoonist has created a comic titled ‘Fruits Gone Bad’ that uses fruits and vegetables as the main characters, but you also get bread, nuts, pizza, other foods, and even inanimate Objects are also going about their daily lives […]

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15 Funny and Dark Ending Comics Unexpectedly by ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’

Do you like to read dark humor comics then you are in right place? New York-based artist Nicholas Gurevich has created an amazing comic, describing his style as a “clarity of ambiguity”. This comic is one of the most beloved on the internet. Nicholas Gurevich illustrated the Perry Bible Fellowship. Dark humor is a great […]

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Artists Create Dark Humour Comics to Escape The Daily Routine

Do you like webcomics, at some point in our lives we have fallen in love with comics? Titled “Laque Comics,” his comics are mostly 4-panel and it talks about anything under the sun. Thoughts usually range from everyday activities to the most ludicrous thoughts, while some talk about imaginary friends. Overall, the Alper comics are […]

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Artist’s 30 Twisted Comics With Dark Humor Lovers “Deliberately Buried Comics”

Meet Sean, the amazing New York-based artist who created the Deliberately Buried comic. Sean is a creative genius artist who loves to create illustrations. Shawn is a Brooklyn-based comedian that features surprising, funny, and sometimes dark endings with a twist. Artist Sean’s dark sense of humor has inspired him to create many comics. Sean started […]

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Artist Draws 30 Sarcastic Illustrations One who points out social flaws with humor

Elia Colombo, also known as Gabe. is a freelance designer, illustrator, and self-named ‘free spirit’ who loves to turn his thoughts and observations on life into deeply conceptual paintings. He combines his passion for graphic design and philosophy to create colorful illustrations that are often suggestive. He uses a minimalist style to ensure that his […]