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Artist Illustrates Relatable funny comics About Girls’ Daily Life

Guerrero is a comedian who decides to create funny comics that strike life based on his own experiences. Where she portrays all the funny and frustrating problems that a girl faces in her daily life. Every woman is different, and they have different preferences such as shopping, while some prefer to stay at home and play. But even then, there are still relatable things in life that you can see, things like hating the mess of monthly periods and being unable to give up our really old blouses, shirts, or accessories that we still love! No matter how different we are, as a woman, we can never deny being true to ourselves!
Guerrero is from Aspen. She depicts her life experiences in the comic Check out Hannah’s quirky comics in the gallery below and sees more of her comics here!

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#1 Reconciliation.

#2 Why is my wardrobe still so full?

#3 Where is the dang phone?!

#4 Stay calm and healthy!

#5 Believe in yourself, girl!

#6 Why not stay here everyday?

#7 The small things that make us happy.

#8 Not this Monday.

#9 You said rain is awesome?!

#10 Please, don’t.

#11 Everyone’s dream.

#12 Funny for you to think you date only a single woman.

#13 Just why?!

#14 Should we just cancel?

#15 Keep out the negativity.

#16 One look away from the mirror and I’m a mess.

#17 Spread the love!

#18 I am so sorry, but I’m happy.

#19 Right… is this…. right?

#20 SHH!

#21 Big b**b girl!

#22 Sleeping together!

#23 Relationship 2 days vs 2 years

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