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30 Humorous Comics With Unexpected Endings By Kristian Nygård (New Pics)

Meet Kristian Nygård, a popular Norwegian artist known for creating thought-provoking and entertaining comic strips that fuse optimism and pessimism. Nygård began creating in 2007 and a year later, he put his first comic online in English. The artist, who began his art with simple strips in newspapers, today creates complex graphic novels. Nygård covers […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY Illustration

30 Hilariously Relatable Comics About Everyday Life By Mrs.Frollein

Today we are introducing you to an artist who loves to create hilarious comics about daily life situations with relevancy. Meet Valerie Minelli, a Luxembourg-based artist who creates an entire series dedicated to life situations that are relevant to most people. Valerie creates holistic and relatable doodles inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend and […]

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Funny And Quirky Comics For People Who Love Dark Humor By ”3pelek”

Do you like real dark humor comics then you are in the right place. Today, we are excited to present you dark humor and wacky comics. Meet artist 3pelek who creates vivid, surreal comics and illustrations. The artist draws in an exaggerated and sometimes controversial manner in his comics. We are sure that thoughts of […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Relatable And Humorous Comics By “Amir Lopez” (New Pics)

Meet amazing Australia-based artist Amir Lopez, who is known for creating fun comics full of positive and fun aspects. Lopez is a creatively talented artist who loves to draw. The cast delivers surprising, funny, and sometimes dark endings with a twist. The artist created a unique, complete, and fun series of lockdown-ish comics. The artist […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

Funny Comics Illustrated By Daniel Scully With Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings (30 New Pics)

Are you bored with everyday work and want to freshen your mood then you are at the right place. Many of us love art and unexpected twists. And joins the hilarious and surprising comics. Meet cartoonist Daniel Scully, known on social media as The Mealstorm Cr. Daniel started making comics about 10 years ago. His […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Funny Single-Panel Comics For Dark Humor Lovers By Ryan Mason 

Dark humor isn’t for everyone, but it’s a perfect medium to discuss the difficult parts of life. Some artists can do this expertly, but some artists create the funniest comics. Meet Ryan Mason, known for creating hilarious comics filled with absurd situations and dark humor. Ryan is very adept at featuring single-panel cartoons in his […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

20 Hilarious Comics Full Of Weird Unexpected Twists By ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ (New Pics)

Dark humor should be the most effective way to engage and entertain a certain audience that prefers different comedic tones. Very few people can master the art of being funny with sad connotations in a personal or communal context. Meet Nicholas Gurevich, a master of delivering a blend of darkness and unexpected humor. Nicholas is […]


30 One-panel comics full of absurd situations and silly humor by Doug Hill

Are you bored of everyday work and looking for something similar? If you want to change your mood, you are in the right place. Meet Doug Hill, the amazing artist who specializes in creating semi-realistic one-panel comics. Doug’s comic is full of positive humor which he uses to brighten people’s days. Doug’s comics are known […]