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Hilarious comics about daily life situations with a dark twist by artist MadyByTio’s

The above is defined enchantingly in its comics. 4 panels are enough to express an idea. The content is healthy with a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary and the simplicity of this format doesn’t mean the conditions are simple. Illustrator MadeByTio, through a four-panel style, covers a wide range of controversial issues, and […]

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Artist Sarah Grealy Depicts Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend, In 30 Hilarious Comics

Sarah Graley Amazing British painter she has created a comic named “Our Super Adventure”. Sara has been making webcomics with her boyfriend Steph since 2012. Sarah is currently living with four cats (Pesto, Toby, Pixel, and Wilson) and “a catlike boy” who is actually her boyfriend, Steph. And as you can see from her work, […]

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Hilarious Comics by Joseph Novak with Absurd Jokes and Dark Twists

Meet illustrator Joseph Novak who creates witty single-panel cartoons. Has a very strong fondness for people drawn with dark humor and absurd or unexpected endings. Which are guaranteed to change your mood in a good mood. Joseph is from Canada but is currently based in Berlin. The most exciting part of Joseph’s artwork is that […]