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Hilarious Comics About A Girl In Her Afterlife By Jorgen Van Santen

We all have always wondered about what happens to us after death. Where we lived before we came to earth, and there are many theories going around based on one’s views, religion, and many other factors. Do we go to heaven? Do we take rebirth? Or do we simply disappear into nothing? I hope that death is not an end but a new beginning.

An artist named Jörgen Santen from Oslo, Norway tries to capture the answers in his witty comics. The name of his webcomic is “Death and the Maiden”. The main character of the comic is a dead girl who was hit by a bus on the phone. They go on all kinds of adventures together, even going to the land of the living. They meet all kinds of people from animals to death

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Jorgen has 20.1k followers on Instagram. Because it’s obvious, his fans love his pics. Many things drive the artist to make art, “I love to draw, and also enjoy writing and making jokes and short stories. I find inspiration everywhere for my comic. The concept of the comic originated in 2016 when artist Jörgen entered a national comic contest. The competition served a purpose and remarkably made it to the top 5. Since then the artist has been drawing






The artist has been creating and reading comics for a long time. Communication and creating educational concepts is also their day job, often during conversations with friends and family. Too many times I think: ‘Ha! This topic would make a great link”.





















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