30 Hilarious Comics With Silly Humor And Ridiculous Situations By Paul Woods

Meet Paul Woods, the 41-year-old cartoonist better known as “Woodsy” on the Internet. He creates hilarious single-panel comics, using puns and words in very funny ways. The comic is full of absurd situations and silly humor, which is great fun. The cartoonist lives in Melbourne, Australia. The artist was fond of reading comics and drawing […]

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30 Short Comics With Unexpected Twists and Dark Humor By Needle Wig 

Meet Deividas Tamosiunas, a digital and comic artist from Denmark. He is a creative genius who loves to create pictures that have surprising and funny endings with a twist. Deividas named his comic “Needle Wig,” which is a 4-panel short comic. The comic is full of fun twists and unexpected endings. The Deividas comic is […]

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30 Funny Comics About Pop Culture and Superheroes by Lucas Nascimento

Have you ever wondered how superheroes would live in everyday life? Today we have brought you an amazing comic in which superheroes face funny situations in their daily life. Meet Lucas Nascimento, the popular Brazilian artist known on social media as Dragonarte. Lucas is known for his captivating portraits. The artist creates short stories with […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Weird And Twisted Endings By Kristian Nygaard

Meet Kristian Nygaard who created the popular webcomic called Optipace. The artist began creating in 2007, and a year later, he put his first comic online in English. The comic has everything that happens in contemporary comics, from mental health and social issues to pop culture and gaming, which makes the comic so funny and […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Humor And Social Criticism By Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Today we have brought a comic full of satire for you. Whose artwork you will like. The comic features quirky artwork with dark humour, satire and social criticism. Meet Alex Gamsu Jenkins, a famous London illustrator and cartoonist whose comics are so popular. We are sure you will love the comic. Alex loves to read […]

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30 Funny Comics That Cover Silly Situations By Chuck Ingverson

Are you bored with everyday life, you are looking for something new to laugh at then you are the perfect place. Meet Chuck Ingvarson, a Chicago-based freelance cartoonist and comedian who creates funny and funny comics. The webcomic features dogs, cats, bears, horses, otters, sharks and other animals. Who will make you laugh with his […]

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20 Hilarious Comics With Weird And Unexpected Endings By Tony Esp

Today we bring to you a comic by a Mexico-based comedian named Tony Asp whose comic is filled with hilarious dark humor with an unexpected ending. When it comes to Tony Asp’s comics, it will be his quickly executed humor in just a few panels that coincides with what’s currently trending, whether it’s pop culture, […]

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Hilarious Comics With Surprisingly Creepy Endings By Rémi Lascault

Meet the 32-year-old French artist named Remi Lascault. Its comic differs from that of the cast and its comics have plenty of dark humor and no words in the artwork, but sidestep them with unexpected twists. We’re pretty sure all dark humor lovers will appreciate his comics. Lascault’s comic nature, moving on to themes like […]