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25 Funny Comic Reveals The Dark Side Of Animals By Things in Square

Meet comedian Kale who is garnering a lot of love from the audience with his comic Things In Square. Kale’s comic perfectly exposes Kale’s thoughts. Drawing animals is also a different experience and can be as competitive as drawing humans. The artist creates a comic by keeping humans awake and animals in the comic. The […]

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25 Hilarious Comics By ‘Bathpoopoo’ For People Who Love Twisted Humor

There are many different types of comics, and dark humor is a great way to go. Today we bring you the comic of a Singaporean artist named bathpoopoo is a deeply hilarious comic. He draws jokes and inspiration from pop culture references that people love. The artist displays his unique artwork to the fans. The […]

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30 Hilariously Absurd Comics With Unexpected Twists by Dogs on the 4th

Today we bring you absurd webcomics with dark humor undertones. Meet Elliot Fairweather, a small town-based artist in Delaware, United States, whose webcomic name is Dogs on the 4. In the comic from the strange to the satire, unexpected plotlines follow Elliot’s stories, making his material very engaging. Elliot’s inspiration comes from the desire to […]

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Artist Cameron Spears Creates Funny Illustrations With Sarcastic Ending

Meet Cameron the famous artist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His comic is quite funny and is very popular among people. His comic name is Goatoself which is very popular which has the scariest and most absurd jokes. People like these scary and funny jokes very much. Artist Cameron is of Canadian origin and […]

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Tom Falco’s Hilarious Comics With Absurd Jokes And A Little Dark Humor

Meet illustrator Tom Falco who creates funny single-panel cartoon comics. Have a very strong fondness for people with dark humor and absurd or unexpected endings. Which is guaranteed to change your mood in a good mood. They’re full of absurd humor and unexpected twists, weird characters, and situations, you can never guess what’s coming. The […]