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21 New Comics By Susie Yi Illustrating Funny And Sometimes Awkward Life Situations

Meet artist Susie, the amazing writer, and illustrator of her comic artist known on social media as “Cat & Cat Comics”. which is very popular. Susie’s comic is set in a world where pets and humans live together in a mutually beneficial relationship, just like the world we live in today. The artist has the […]


Hilarious Single-Panel Comics Full Of Dark Humor Jokes And Absurd Situations By Tommy Siegel

Meet Tommy Siegel, the cartoonist best known for his quirky style of comics. The artist’s comic is often full of satirical and absurd situations. Tommy’s comic has been published in famous newspapers like The New Yorker. The comic is always imaginative, which people like very much. Tommy makes people laugh a lot with his witty […]


Dark Humor Comics With Unexpected Endings Illustrated By Scribly G

Meet Scribly G, the South African artist who creates unpredictable comics with a dash of dark humor. The artist creates a clear drawing style and humorous illustrations in his webcomic, which is very popular. Comics go from short 3 or 4-panels to 6-panels. The comic is full of unexpected fun twists. Scribly’s artistic journey started […]

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30 Horror Comics With Unexpected Endings By Artist Ben Chen

Adding the above humor to your comics. Meet amazing comic artist Ben Chen, who creates terrifying horror comic comics with unexpected twists. Ben is a popular artist from Taiwan. The artist describes his drawing style as dark, humorous, and full of imagination. The artist mixes horror and humor together in comic artwork which makes it […]

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Illustrates The Daily Lives Of Superheroes And Other Famous Characters In 30 New Comics By Artist Lucas Nascimento

Meet Lucas Nascimento, the Brazilian artist whose comics feature iconic superheroes and other pop culture characters in bizarre landscapes. The comic is about the daily lives of superheroes and what they do when they are not saving the world. The artist has painted beautifully and deftly. The comic is very funny and surprising. We hope […]

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Funny and humorous comics for people who like dark humor by Dave Blazek (New Comics) 

Are you bored with everyday work and you want to freshen up your mood then you are at the right place. Today we have brought a wonderful comic for people who like dark humor, which will make your day. Meet Dave Blazek, the prodigious New Yorker cartoonist who specializes in single-panel comics. The artist has […]

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Artist Creates Humor About Societal Stereotypes For Women By Lainey Molnar (New Pics)

Meet Lainey Molnar, the Hungarian artist who is on a mission to empower women! She is using her creative expression. Through her comic, she challenges and explores societal norms surrounding femininity, body image, and more. They depict everyday situations in a humorous manner. Lainey draws inspiration from her own experiences to create a comic. The […]