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30 Extremely Hilarious Comics Full Of Absurd Situations And Surprising Twists By “Cooper Litt Comics”

You are bored of everyday work and are looking for something fun. If it changes your mood then you are at the right place. Today we have brought for you amazing comics which are known as “Cooper Lit Comics” on social media. The artist combines absurd situations and surprising twists in his comics. Comics go […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY Illustration Unexpected Endings

30 Humorous Comics With Unexpected Endings By Kristian Nygård (New Pics)

Meet Kristian Nygård, a popular Norwegian artist known for creating thought-provoking and entertaining comic strips that fuse optimism and pessimism. Nygård began creating in 2007 and a year later, he put his first comic online in English. The artist, who began his art with simple strips in newspapers, today creates complex graphic novels. Nygård covers […]

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Artist Draws Life-Related Moments With A Cat By Landish And Here Are The Latest 24 Comics

Cats are masters of the unexpected because their behavior often defies logic and defies our expectations. If you like cats then you will like comics. Meet comic artist Landish, known for creating comics filled with colorful illustrations and witty humor. Everyday situations have been captured in comics, where the best moments have been captured in […]

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30 New One-Panel Comics With Absurd Humor By Mark Anderson

Are you bored with everyday life then you should take a break. Today we have brought a very popular comic for you which will change your mood. Meet Mark Anderson, a talented Chicago cartoonist who creates one-panel comics full of witty humor. Mark incorporates Cupid jokes, business gags, and even music into the comics. Which […]

ART COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY Illustration

30 Hilariously Relatable Comics About Everyday Life By Mrs.Frollein

Today we are introducing you to an artist who loves to create hilarious comics about daily life situations with relevancy. Meet Valerie Minelli, a Luxembourg-based artist who creates an entire series dedicated to life situations that are relevant to most people. Valerie creates holistic and relatable doodles inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend and […]