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30 Funny Comics With Relationships And Everyday Situations By Kippo

Today we want you to meet the talented artist Kippo who creates fun and colorful comics. Kippo portrays situations in her everyday life in a funny way. The comics focus on ridiculously awkward situations in the middle of a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. The comic is very funny and hilarious. The artist named his comic “kippocomics”. Kippo’s […]

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30 Funny Comics About Random Events in Life with Unexpected Twists by Blanche

Meet Blanche who is an amazing Canadian artist. Blanche’s comic can surprise you with unexpected and funny twists. Blanche is a creative genius. The comic is based on a fictional world depicting random events from everyday life. Comic Very Entertaining We are pretty sure the comic will bring a good laugh to your face. Blanche […]

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30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics By “Fruit Gone Bad” With Funny And Dark Twists

Today we have brought you a comic full of dark humor. Meet the artist NY cartoonist known as Fruit Gone Bad on Instagram. The comic uses fruits and vegetables as the main characters, but you also find bread, nuts, pizza, other foods. These funny characters aren’t afraid to be a little cranky. Fruit Gone Bad […]

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Australian Artist Creates 30 Hilarious Comics About Women’s Daily Lives

Finding humor in everyday life situations requires a special mind. That’s why we want to introduce you to Jessica Rae, an Australian-based artist. Who has been making the famous web series Doodle Squat Comics for the last 10 years. The comics depict everyday life as a woman, mother, and companion. His comic is funny and […]

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30 Funny Comics About Pop Culture and Superheroes by Lucas Nascimento

Have you ever wondered how superheroes would live in everyday life? Today we have brought you an amazing comic in which superheroes face funny situations in their daily life. Meet Lucas Nascimento, the popular Brazilian artist known on social media as Dragonarte. Lucas is known for his captivating portraits. The artist creates short stories with […]