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Artist Jessica Rae Creates 30 Hilarious Comics About Women’s Everyday Lives

Meet Jessica Rae This is a talented artist She lives in Australia She is a mother. Who has been making the famous web series Doodle Squat Comics for the last 10 years. The themes of Jessica’s comic include relationships, everyday conflicts, pets, and life in general. His comic is funny and hilarious. Jessica recounts her […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With This Artist’s Twisted Dark Ending

Meet Raph, the amazing artist of Australia who is famous by his name. This makes for hilarious comics and one with a dark ending which is quite interesting. Raph portrays his ordinary life experiences in his comic. Which are always strangely related. Raph’s comic also carries ironic satire equipped with a 4-panel format. No one […]

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20 Comics Depicting Daily Struggles And Life With Cats And A Child By Hannah Hillam

Our world has changed a lot already, being a girl is not easy in today’s world. They have to face many types of struggles in their daily life. Meet Hannah Hillam, a 32-year-old illustrator who portrays all of these challenges in her comic in a realistic and funny way. Artist Hannah has been creating comics […]

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20 Hilarious Comics With Weird And Unexpected Endings By Tony Esp

Today we bring to you a comic by a Mexico-based comedian named Tony Asp whose comic is filled with hilarious dark humor with an unexpected ending. When it comes to Tony Asp’s comics, it will be his quickly executed humor in just a few panels that coincides with what’s currently trending, whether it’s pop culture, […]

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Hilarious Comics With Surprisingly Creepy Endings By Rémi Lascault

Meet the 32-year-old French artist named Remi Lascault. Its comic differs from that of the cast and its comics have plenty of dark humor and no words in the artwork, but sidestep them with unexpected twists. We’re pretty sure all dark humor lovers will appreciate his comics. Lascault’s comic nature, moving on to themes like […]

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20 Comics About The Weird And Silly Things That Happen To Most Of Us By Fazri Maulana

Meet Fazri Maulana, a popular Indonesian artist who turns everyday situations into entertaining comic strips. People read his comics with enthusiasm. He shares stories about family, relationships, body image, social media, and other topics. It would not be wrong at all to say that his comics directly connect with people. So that you can feel […]