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Funny Comics Depicting Girls’ Problems By Artist Anastasia Ivanova

There are many problems in our life. And we can never run away from them, we have to face them. But instead of being sad, we can at least make fun of them. Meet Russian artist Anastasia `Stushona’ Ivanova as she confronts her daily struggles in her comic, Stushona winning the hearts of thousands with her art.

The artist is 32 years old. His background in the illustration. It’s been more than 1 year since he made a comic. Stushona deals with her daily struggles in the comic just like each of us does. But deals with them in a funny way. And in them, one of his cats and coffee helps. He said, ‘Character is my alter ego’. ‘This is a reflective girl who finds non-standard ways of solving problems. He has more than 94k followers on Instagram who support his art a lot. The artist told that she has no inspiration, she loves meeting her friends and takes experiences from them. Scroll down to see his captivating comic

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