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30 Hilarious Comics Illustrated By Scribbly G With Unexpected Endings

Scribbly G is a 34-year-old digital artist from South Africa who creates funny dark comic comics that always end in the most unexpected twists. Scribbly G started making 3 years ago. His comics tend to be 3 or 4-panel, and I am sure his twisted comics will make you smile.

Scribbly G has 44.4k followers on Instagram. His drawing style is clean and mostly straightforward, his sense of humor is next to nothing. We think it’s fair to say that Scribbly G will appeal to the dark, cynical side of your soul, and you won’t be able to hold your laughter.

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The artist explained “I was hit by a car when I was 9 years old. Because of which he was in bed for a long time. He started making comics as a way of dealing with depression. He was on medication for a long time. , ”explained the artist. “I did not want to live like that, so I decided to stop all drugs and try to find a hobby to bring some joy to my life. I thought about what I enjoyed as a kid, and what stood out to me the most was reading comics. “






The artist thought he’d try to make some comics of his own, even though he’d never made one in his life. “I didn’t have much hope that it would help, but I was willing to try anything.” I didn’t think I would still be making comics after almost 4 years but going back to depression or going back on medication for Fear of intimidation scares me into making comics. I believe comics saved my life.” Check out some of Scribbly G’s latest comics in the gallery below





















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