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25 Funny and Relatable Comics Full of Life’s Strange Moments and Unexpected Turns (New Photos)

Meet Evie Hilliar, an Australian comedian known for creating hilarious comics full of silly jokes and unexpected twists. Hilliar transforms even the simplest aspects of our lives into hilarious comics. Comics always end with a strange dark twist. The two most common themes in the artist’s comics are stupid jokes and mental health. Sometimes both […]

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Metzger’s 30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics, With Fun and Dark Twists

Today we bring for you a comic full of dark humor and unexpected twists. Meet Scott Metzger, the artist who created the famous comic “scottmetzgercartoons”. The comic features animals that can speak human language as its main characters. The artist creates single-panel comics that depict hilarious situations. His funny ideas will surprise you. Metzger’s comic […]

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30 Best Single-Panel Comics with Sudden Humor by Artist Nate Fakes (New Pics)

Today we have brought something exciting for all of you. Nate Fakes’ comic is back on thoughts of humans! Artist Nate Fakes will be familiar to many of you, the artist is known for his one-panel comics full of fun twists and unexpected endings. Nate’s unique talent for finding humor in everyday moments in his […]

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30 Funny Comics With Twisted Endings And Dark Humor Jokes By Dave Contra (New Photos)

Dave Contra is a master of finding humor in everyday situations. Comics fill us with creativity and absurd scenarios. Which is very fun. The comic is full of dark sense of humor. Which is quite popular among the people. We sincerely hope that the comic will leave a smile on your face. Dave loved comics […]

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Artist Daniel Murrell 30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists And Dark Endings (New Pics)

Daniel Murrell, a talented digital artist hailing from Southern California, has taken the webcomic world by storm with his unique and humorous illustrations. Daniel creates comics that always surprise you with unique and unexpected stories and endings. The comic is very funny and full of curiosity. Daniel Comics’ goal is to deliver comics that make […]

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Artist Sean Berthiaume Creates Fun Comics With Unexpected Endings And A Little Dark Humor (30 New Photos)

Today we have brought amazing comics for you. These are so adorable, they will make your day. Meet Sean Berthiaume, known for creating comics with dark humor and unexpected twists. The artist’s comic is a great way to unwind from the duties of our everyday routine. ‘Sean Berthiaume’ has more than 97.4K followers on Instagram. […]

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Stefan Kraft’s 30 Thought-Provoking New Illustrations Show What’s Wrong With Today’s Society

Meet Stefan Kraft, the German artist who holds up a mirror to our society. The artist is known for his unique and often thought-provoking comic strips. Stephen paints the world around him. The artist is known on social media as “Iconeo”. which is very popular. The artist had a passion for painting since childhood. He […]


29 Humorous One-Panel Comics By Lonnie Easterling (New Pics)

How to start the weekend with fun and laughter? If you are interested in this, we have something special for you! We are pleased to announce that we are looking to introduce artist Lonnie Easterling. Lonnie is a creatively gifted artist who loves to paint. The comic depicts various silly scenarios involving collection heroes, fairy […]

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22 Comics That Are Funny, Sad, And Twisted At The Same Time By Rémi Lascault (New Pics)

If you’re into dark humor, then Twisted Comics might be right for you. Meet French artist Rémi Lascault, known for creating dark humor comics with absurd situations. The artist makes comic 4 panels, his comic style is very simple but very effective. We are sure all dark humor lovers will appreciate his comics. The artist […]