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Artists Show Disney Princesses Spend Their Time In Quarantine

All of us have been quarantined for the last one year. At such times, he was happy to get more time for his struggle and family. At a moment when we were bored, tired of the four walls of our house. But have you ever thought about how famous characters would react and what they would do if they were caught in quarantine? Disney princesses, specifically?

The paintings created by Lorenza and Marco are fun and colorful, fully illustrating the difference between princesses and their hobbies. She is known as Simple and Madam on social media. The princesses were thought to have been born with the coincidence of COVID-19. We imagined what Disney princesses could do in quarantine!

Lorenza Di Cepio and Marco Barretta are Italian artists. Offering all types of things on their website, including customized artwork, comics, and illustrations. Marco Barretta and I started this project in 2012.

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Elsa And Anna


 Princess Leia




Snow White



Sleeping Beauty





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