10+Celebs who worked hard on their looks and completely changed

Whenever we flip through our old photos, we cannot change it, but if we give our old photos, we can think. “What were we thinking about showing that haircut?” Or “Why did we wear this dress?” Today, when we go through our photos, we can gag and confirm that we have all come a long way. There are some celebs like us who have completely changed themselves in a few years.

We have put together a collection of our favorite celebs and their glow-ups, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

#1. Rebel Wilson

#2. Ariana Grande

#3. Demi Lovato

#4. Kelly Osbourne

#5. Hilary Duff

#6. Scarlett Johansson

#7. Kate Winslet

#8. Lady Gaga

#9. Drew Barrymore

#10. Mayim Bialik

#11. Tilda Swinton

#12. Anna Faris

#13. Emma Stone

#14. Blake Lively

#15. Sarah Jessica Parker

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