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10+Artist Turns Famous Horror Movie Villains Into Disney Princesses

Every girl in this world has once imagined living the life of a Disney princess, it is an undisputed fact that the defeated girl must have dreamed of living like a Disney princess once in her life. And have always wished to be like him. Her beauty, gorgeous hair and lovely eyes were nothing short of complete construction. The bottom line is, we have always seen and seen those princesses as the most beautiful and most innocent characters.

An artist known as Andrew Tarssov has remade Disney princesses, in a different way, the horror of horror films Andrew Tarssov has tried to make us look a bit different. And Disney’s] new horror forms of princesses are shown in front of the world. Be careful because these pictures may change your perception of Disney princesses as we know them. I assure you, these people are not innocent at all. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Pennywise From It – Ariel

Billy The Puppet From The Saw – Snow White

Carrie – Pocahontas

Freddy Krueger From The Nightmare On Elm Street – Aurora

Jason From The Friday 13th – Mulan

Chucky From Child’s Play – Merida

Pinhead From The Hellraiser – Elsa

Hannibal Lecter From The Silence Of The Lambs – Belle

Michael Meyers From Halloween – Cinderella

Sadako Yamamura From The Ring – Rapunzel

Leatherface From Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Jasmine

Ghostface From The Scream – Tiana

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