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20 Hilarious Parenting Comics By Heloise Weiner That Are Totally Relatable

Being a mother is a unique feeling, a mother’s job is rewarding and exhausting. Meet French mom Halos Weiner who shares her motherhood journey by creating comics about the lives of her parents. It’s a job you won’t be able to retire from until they decide to quit. The early years of a child’s life are usually hectic, chaotic, and physically exhausting for parents especially mothers.

Artists mostly share their comics in French but recently they changed them to English so that more people can enjoy them. His family’s Instagram account has more than 45.3k followers. And she regularly updates her parenting journey on her Instagram account.

Source- Instagram

#1 They don’t want a lot of things.

#2 Son, I can’t conjure things.

#3 Saying ‘no’.

#4 Child: I can get ready on my own!

#5 Girl, why do you do that?

Heloise began making comics when she was her second child, and they have six children. She lives in the UK with her large family of eight. If you like these cute and relatable parenting comics, you’re sure to love them too!

#6 The lack of sleep is real.

#7 Strategy tantrum-till-I-get-it.

#8 Kids really act like they’re forgetful 60-year-olds sometimes.

#9 Give me your most normal smile, child!

#10 Huh, easy for you to say.

#11 Pregnancy hormones.

#12 Now I know how hard it was for you, too.

#13 Ah, yes, cure Insomnia by ‘just sleep,’ huh?

#14 Uh, yea, definitely need to check what he’s up to.

#15 Stop asking this!

#16 When you ask, “How’s school?”

#17 It was fun while it lasted.

#18 Kids language filter.

#19 Whatever it is, the answer is yes!

#20 Kids can be so fickle.

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