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20+Best Superhero Comic Picture by Brazilian Artist

Artists never fail to show their talent. However, there is no doubt that in general about drawing or drawing through a drawing, they do their work very well. One such example of a dragon artist is with us. The name is Eduardo Lucas Nasimento. He is also very famous as Dragontare. He is a Brazilian artist who paints a portrait of his famous Marvel and DC comics in unique pieces. However, he drew them very cleverly and turned them into cheerful comics. These comic illustrations are guaranteed to make your mood worse, even if it is your bad day.

He has portrayed dragons, Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, and many other superheroes. With these drawings, he has fully described another side of the superhero. This is why he has garnered thousands of Insta followers these days. However, the fact is, this artist has one account for English and two for Portuguese. No matter what he drew, this artist made other people laugh and smile even though people had a bad situation around him. Thus, in his below examples, he had tried to figure out how superheroes would look if they were children. Can you see them below?


























Hope you have liked this collection. However, if you want to see some other pictures by Dragontart, visit her Instagram profile or her website. You will definitely love his other illustrated descriptions.

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