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20 Slightly Inappropriate Comics With Freaky and Dark Twists By ‘Fruit Gone Bad’

Meet NY Cartoonist, a famous artist from New York who creates comics full of dark humor and a sense of humor. In her comic, the artist imagines a world where fruits, vegetables, and other food items are able to speak and share their thoughts. The artist has named his comic series “Fruit Gone Bad” which will make you laugh or make you feel uncomfortable because of how inappropriate they are, and some may be ruining your favorite food for you.

The comic style of the artist is colorful and adorable. The dark humor is well used in the comic which is sure to cheer you up. He has 82.8K followers on Instagram who like his work very much. His unique style and sense of humor are what sets these comics apart from the rest. Scroll down to enjoy his funny comic. For more old comics click here, here, and here.

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