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21 Slightly Inappropriate Comics Full of Absurd Situations and Dark Comedy by This Artist

Today we introduce you to an artist who creates short comics short enough to brighten your day with absurdist humor. Meet John King, known on social media as the NY Cartoonist. Fruits and vegetables are used as the main characters in the comic, but you also find bread, nuts, pizza, and other foods. John is […]


30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics Filled with Bizarre Situations and Dark Humor by “Fruit Gone Bad” (New Pics)

Are you bored with everyday work and want to freshen up your mood then you are at the right place. Today we bring to you a collection of misbehaving comics full of bizarre situations and dark humor that will make your day. Meet the renowned New York artist NY Cartoonist who envisions a world where […]

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20 Slightly Inappropriate Comics With Freaky and Dark Twists By ‘Fruit Gone Bad’

Meet NY Cartoonist, a famous artist from New York who creates comics full of dark humor and a sense of humor. In her comic, the artist imagines a world where fruits, vegetables, and other food items are able to speak and share their thoughts. The artist has named his comic series “Fruit Gone Bad” which […]

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30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics By “Fruit Gone Bad” With Funny And Dark Twists

Today we have brought you a comic full of dark humor. Meet the artist NY cartoonist known as Fruit Gone Bad on Instagram. The comic uses fruits and vegetables as the main characters, but you also find bread, nuts, pizza, other foods. These funny characters aren’t afraid to be a little cranky. Fruit Gone Bad […]

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30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics From ‘Fruit Gone Bad’ With Funny And Dark Twists

Have you ever wondered what would happen if our everyday fruits and vegetables could talk? Artist NY Cartoonist has created a comic titled ‘Fruits Gone Bad’ that uses fruits and vegetables as the main characters, but you also get bread, nuts, pizza, other foods, and even inanimate Objects are also going about their daily lives […]