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30 Silly And Funny “Gryzlock” Comics About Absurd Situations

There would hardly be a day when some of us would not see some comics on social media. Comics have become a part of our everyday lives. Today we bring you more mainstream jokes with funny characters and absurd situations. The webcomic is named “Gryzlock”. In comics, artists often add unexpected endings to cartoons with […]

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25 Funny Comics Full Of Unexpected Twists And Dark Humor By Dmitry Piankov

Are you preparing for the weekend, or maybe you’re preparing for the new week? Either way, you may feel like you need to boost your mood. If so, we have just the right thing for you. Meet Dmitry Piankov, a Russian artist known for creating fun and surprising comics. The artist creates a witty comic […]

COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By Ryan RD

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that reading comics is a way for many people to temporarily forget their problems and immerse themselves in whatever world the artist creates. Meet Ryan RD, the renowned artist who creates comics depicting everyday situations with absurdity and irony. The comic is very funny. We hope you like the […]

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Funny And Quirky Comics For People Who Love Dark Humor By ”3pelek”

Do you like real dark humor comics then you are in the right place. Today, we are excited to present you dark humor and wacky comics. Meet artist 3pelek who creates vivid, surreal comics and illustrations. The artist draws in an exaggerated and sometimes controversial manner in his comics. We are sure that thoughts of […]

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Funny Comics Illustrated By Daniel Scully With Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings (30 New Pics)

Are you bored with everyday work and want to freshen your mood then you are at the right place. Many of us love art and unexpected twists. And joins the hilarious and surprising comics. Meet cartoonist Daniel Scully, known on social media as The Mealstorm Cr. Daniel started making comics about 10 years ago. His […]

COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY Illustration

30 Dark Comics Full Of Random Twists And Unexpected Endings By Harris Fishman

Do you like unexpected and dark humor comics? Meet Harris Fishman, known for creating funny comics with creativity and unexpected endings. Harris’s absurdist and humorous comics are a hit on social media under the name Beetle Moses. The artist was interested in comics since childhood and as he grew up, his interest grew into a […]

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30 Of The Best Comics That Are Full Of Witty Humor And Absurd Situations By Harry Bliss

Today we introduce you to an artist who creates short comics short enough to brighten your day with absurdist humor. Harry Bliss is a famous American cartoonist and illustrator. Known for his humorous and artistic “Bliss” comics. With his clever blend of satire and humor, Bliss creates amazing one-panel comics that will definitely cheer up […]

COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

30 New “Comic Dux” Strips You Might Enjoy If You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to another amazing comedian, Andrew. The artist creates darkly humorous comics with unexpected and twisted endings that will probably surprise you. Andrew’s style is very simple and colorful. Typically producing 4-panel comics, sometimes including longer or one-panel comics. The most exciting part of Andrew’s artwork is that you can […]