17 Quirky And Funny Comics For Those With A Darker Sense Of Humor By ToothyBj

If you’re a fan of quirky humor, unexpected twists, and touches of darkness, this post is perfect for you. Once again, we would like to introduce you to “ToothyBJ”. We are known for creating fun comics with dark humor and unexpected endings. Who has gained a lot of popularity.

The artist is a designer by profession. He liked reading comics since childhood. Comics are perfect for those who appreciate a dose of satire and absurdity in their daily entertainment. He has 128K followers on Instagram and they like his work a lot. When the artist was asked how long it takes him to create a comic, he said that once he gets the right idea, it can take 2 to 3 hours. You all have to keep guessing because comics are full of twists. Scroll down to know more about the cartoonist and see his latest works. Click here to see more old comics.

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