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30 Weird and Funny Comics with Twisted Endings By Gryzlock

It’s important to take a break from never-ending work, and we think we may have something that can comfort you even more – comics! Meet Montreal-based artist from Canada who’s full of fun twists and unexpected endings and Makes comics. The comic is 4-paneled. We hope you enjoy the comic. Montreal has named its webcomic […]

ART Art & Photography COMICS FUNNY

Artist Tyler Martin Creates Cute Comics With Dark Endings

The best way to eliminate the fatigue of everyday life is to sit comfortably and read webcomics. Today we bring to you comics that expose the mundane through absurd humor. Meet Tyler Martin, an artist specializing in webcomics. Tyler named his comic PuddleMunch which is very popular. The comic is very funny and surprising. Comics […]

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30 Hilarious Comics With Absurd Situations And Unexpected Endings

Meet Torbjørn Lien, a 54-year-old artist who is a famous artist living in the western part of Norway. The artist makes full use of dark humor in comics, his comics come with unexpected twists and turns and you never know what you’re going to get. Torbjørn has been making comics since the age of 15. […]


Hilarious Comics About Daily Life Situations With Unexpected Endings By Artist MadyByTio’s

Today we bring you comics with a deep sense of humor. They are so cute, they will make your day. Our artist’s name is MadeByTio. Who is a skilled storyteller? Which makes people crazy. Artists portray comical quirks and funny situations with ironic reality. Illustrator MedBeatio needs to express his thoughts through a four-panel style. […]