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Hilarious Comics by Dustin Rogers with Funny Twists and Unexpected Endings

Meet illustrator Dustin Rogers who creates comics full of unexpected twists and surprising endings. Storyboarding is Dustin’s favorite way to communicate ideas. The cast is guaranteed to change your mood into a good one. The artist is a UX designer by profession. The most exciting part of Dustin’s artwork is that you can never guess […]

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30 Hilarious Comics Full Of Fun Twists And Unexpected Endings By Ben Zahringer

Meet artist Ben Zehringer, known for creating comics full of fun twists and unexpected endings. The artist named his comic Berkeley Muse which is very popular. The comics are very hilarious, we hope you will like the comic. The artist gets inspiration for making comics from fairy tales and Disney films because he liked fairy […]

ART COMICS FUNNY humor Illustration

22 Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings And A Little Dark Humor By SpaceboycantLOL (New Pics)

Adding the above comic to my comics. Meet the amazing comedian Mohit Srivastava, who portrays surprising and funny situations with unexpectedly dark content. The comics are filled with purely delightful jokes. Challenges logic and reality with its absurd and hilarious comics, often ending with a twist you didn’t see coming. Mohit Srivastava is a popular […]

ART COMICS humor Illustration

Artist Ryan Pagelow creates cute comics with dark endings; Here Are 28 Character Bears Doctor Who Features (New Photos)

Meet Ryan Pagelow, a Chicago-based artist who specializes in adorable webcomics. The comic is full of dark humor with surprising and often unexpected endings. The artist started drawing comics in 2009. Ryan has named the webcomic “Buni Comic” which is very popular. The creative artist creates entertaining and mood-enhancing pieces including characters such as animals, […]

ART COMICS FUNNY humor Illustration

Something For Fans Of Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings By ToothyBj (30 New Photos)

Today we would like to present you a new series of comics created by “ToothyBj”. The artist shares his work on two Instagram accounts, and has over 128k followers on his main profile. The artist creates funny comics with dark humor and unexpected endings that have gained immense popularity. The artist is inspired to make […]

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29 Comics With Absurd Situations And Unexpected Endings By Tim Thavirat (New Photos)

Meet Tim Thawirat the cartoonist known for creating anarchic and funny comics. The comic is full of dark humor and a sense of humor. The artist is known by the name ManchildManor on social media. Comics feature bizarre scenarios and situations that range from the absurd to the poignant. The artist’s inspiration to create a […]


30 hilarious Twisted Comics With Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings By “Cat Trigger”

Do you love to read dark humor comics then you are at the right place. Meet Patrick Cheng, an artist based in Chicago, IL who is an award-winning animator and motion designer. Patrick’s comics are full of wit and light humor. The artist has named his comic “Cat Trigger” which is very popular on social […]