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30 Comics With Weird And Unexpected Endings By Rebecca Rose (New Pics)

Today we bring you comics full of funny and unexpected moments that will make your day. Meet Rebecca Rose, who creates funny comics with unexpected moments. Rebecca comic reflects on funny moments that happen in her everyday life. The artist’s comic captures these special memories with her cats Butter, Ted, and Nemo, as well as […]


Hilarious Comics About Daily Life Situations With Unexpected Endings By Artist Yaplaws Comics

There will hardly be a day when some of us don’t scroll through some comics on social media. Because comics are one of the many mediums that artists use to express their thoughts. Meet the talented artist Yaplavs who is known on social media as “Yaplavs Comics”. Artists create funny comics about everyday thoughts, mental […]

ART Art & Photography COMICS FUNNY Illustration

30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings By ToothyBj

Today we bring you comics with dark humor and unexpected endings. Which will start your day with laughter and fun. Meet the artist ToothyBj whose comical laugh is full of fun. The comic is loaded with satire, dark humor, and absurd situations with small twists. We are sure you will love the comic. The artist […]