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30 Funny Comics Filled With Absurd Situations And Silly Humor By Dan Piraro

Are you bored with everyday life, you should take a break. Today we have brought you an amazingly popular comic that will change your mood. Meet Dan Piraro, an artist from Mexico. Dan’s comics named ‘Bizzaro’ are quite popular. The comic is one-panel and has been published in over 360 newspapers and magazines. The comic style of the comic is very simple and very nostalgic.

Dan’s comic features a unique blend of surrealist imagery, social commentary, and witty plays on words. He releases comics every day. Dan’s comic is very simple and short. The comic is reminiscent of the old newspaper style. He has got 91.1K followers on Instagram who like his work very much. Scroll down and enjoy his artwork. Click here to view old comics

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