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20 Hilarious Comics Full Of Weird Unexpected Twists By ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ (New Pics)

Dark humor should be the most effective way to engage and entertain a certain audience that prefers different comedic tones. Very few people can master the art of being funny with sad connotations in a personal or communal context. Meet Nicholas Gurevich, a master of delivering a blend of darkness and unexpected humor. Nicholas is known on social media as “Perry Bible Fellowship.” His style has been described as “clarity of ambiguity” (PBF). This comic is one of the most beloved on the internet.

The artist was born in Canandaigua, New York, and currently lives in Rochester, New York. Nicholas has gained popularity for his dark humor and distinctive art style. He has 362K followers on Instagram who like his work very much. Scroll down and enjoy the artwork of talented artist Nicholas Gurevich. Also, click here and here to see old comics.

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