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25 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Endings By “The Jenkins”

Do you like Dark Humor Comics, if yes then you are in right place? The artist uses dark humor to the fullest in the comics, his comics have unexpected twists and turns and you never know what you’re going to get. The artist named his comic “The Jenkins”. The comic is about three brothers named Barney, Butch, and Junior Jenkins. who lives in his parents’ basement. The comic is very funny we hope the comic brings a smile on your face.

The artist has been making comics since 2016. But from 2020 he started putting out regular posts which are now published on a more irregular schedule. The inspiration for the artist to make a comic comes from his ideas. When we asked him how long it takes you to make a comic, he told us that it takes 2-4 hours. He has 72.7K followers on Instagram who like his work very much and their numbers are increasing rapidly. His comic sense is full of humor. We hope you enjoy the comic. Scroll down to see the latest comic from “The Jenkins”!

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