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The Absurdity Of Our Lives Perfectly Illustrated In Hilarious Comics By Artist MadyByTio’s

Adding the above humor to your comics. Meet awesome comic artist MedBeatio who paints surprising and funny situations with a dash of ironic reality that, to some, can seem somewhat offensive. 4 panels are enough to express an idea in a comic. The content is healthy with a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary and the simplicity of this format doesn’t mean the conditions are simple.

The artist has been creating humorous comics depicting the ridiculousness of our lives for the past 5 years. He has 72.9k followers on Instagram. who like his work very much. Either way, they are direct, borderline aggressive, and most importantly, funny. That’s why we have compiled MadyByTio’s latest for you. have a look!

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Comics always start off innocently and end with a funny twist that you might not have seen coming. The artist noted that some of his comics actually depict real-life situations. Especially those from the mini-series ‘How Your Brain Works.
















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