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30 Funny Comics Filled With Absurd Situations And Silly Humor By Dan Piraro

Are you bored with everyday life, you should take a break. Today we have brought you an amazingly popular comic that will change your mood. Meet Dan Piraro, an artist from Mexico. Dan’s comics named ‘Bizzaro’ are quite popular. The comic is one-panel and has been published in over 360 newspapers and magazines. The comic […]

ART Art & Photography COMICS FUNNY

25 Funny Comics From Artist Stushona Depicting Everyday Life Problems

We have to face many struggles in daily life. And we cannot run away from them. But instead of being sad, we can at least make fun of them. Meet 32-year-old artist Anastasia ‘Stushona’ Ivanova who hilariously portrays everyday struggles in her comics. Stushona wins the hearts of thousands with her art. The artist named […]

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29 Hilarious Comics With Absurdly Unexpected Twists By Kubbs

Today we want to introduce you to the cartoonist Kubbs. The funny thing is that Kubbs doesn’t need many words to make people laugh with his four-panel comics. The artist creates some entertaining and episodic comics addressing mental health on a milder scale. The artist usually creates short comics. They always include a healthy dose […]