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30 New “Comic Dux” Strips You Might Enjoy If You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to another amazing comedian, Andrew. The artist creates darkly humorous comics with unexpected and twisted endings that will probably surprise you. Andrew’s style is very simple and colorful. Typically producing 4-panel comics, sometimes including longer or one-panel comics. The most exciting part of Andrew’s artwork is that you can […]

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30 Hilarious One-Panel Comics Full of Whimsical and Silly Humor by “Crustacean Singles”

Today we have brought the best comics for you which will make your day happy. Meet artist Andrew, who is known for creating funny comics with unexpected endings. Andrew is known on social media as “Crustacean Singles”. Andrew was fond of reading comics since childhood. The artist has put his humor in a simple style […]

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30 Weirdest Comics With Hilariously Unexpected Endings By “Crustacean Singles”

Are you looking for something new and fun then you are in the right place? Today we bring you a funny comic with an unexpected ending that will start your day with laughter and fun. Meet Andrew whose comic is known as “Crustacean Singles”. The comic is very popular. The artist uses his talent to […]