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Depicts bizarre and absurd situations in 30 Weirdest Comics by Dan Piraro

Today we have brought you amazing comic which will make your day. Meet the famous Mexican artist Dan Piraro whose popular comic name is ‘Bizzaro’. The comic is a single-panel cartoon strip that has been in operation since 1985 and has been published in over 360 newspapers and magazines. Dan’s comedic style is very simple […]

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Depictions of the Bizarre and Absurd Situations in Weirdest Comics by Artist Dan Piraro

Laughing is very important for our health that’s why we bring you witty, sarcastic, and silly comics about all kinds of absurd situations. Famous Mexican artist Dan Piraro’s popular comic ‘Bizzaro’ has been brought. Dan’s comics are very popular in over 360 newspapers and his art style is etched in our memory. They now bring […]