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30 Funny And Relatable Comics About Everyday Life By Jess Rae (New Photos)

Jess Rae, a genius digital artist based in Australia, is taking the webcomic world by storm with her tweets and humorous illustrations. The artist is known on social media as “Doodley Squat Comics”. Jess’s comic is simple, a little silly that’s just a lot of fun. It’s been 11 years since Jess made the comic. […]


30 Hilarious Comics With Silly Humor And Ridiculous Situations By Paul Woods

Meet Paul Woods, the 41-year-old cartoonist better known as “Woodsy” on the Internet. He creates hilarious single-panel comics, using puns and words in very funny ways. The comic is full of absurd situations and silly humor, which is great fun. The cartoonist lives in Melbourne, Australia. The artist was fond of reading comics and drawing […]