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30 Funny Single-Panel Comics With Wacky Situations And Goofy Humor By Paul Woods (40 New Photos)

Are you looking for something fun to do to beat the boredom? Today we have brought comics full of dark humor for you. Which will end your boredom. Meet artist Paul Woods better known as “Woodsy” on social media. The artist creates hilarious single-panel comics using sentences and words in a very funny way. Paul […]

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Australian Artist Creates 30 Hilarious Comics About Women’s Daily Lives

Finding humor in everyday life situations requires a special mind. That’s why we want to introduce you to Jessica Rae, an Australian-based artist. Who has been making the famous web series Doodle Squat Comics for the last 10 years. The comics depict everyday life as a woman, mother, and companion. His comic is funny and […]