30 Funny Comics About Pop Culture and Superheroes by “The Mediocre Superheroes” (New Pics)

Today we have brought a very famous comic for you. The comic is about the everyday lives of superheroes, taking away the shiny side of the superhero superhuman in the comic and revealing the imperfect side of these extraordinary characters. The artist imagines the daily lives of superheroes. Which is very funny. Meet Andrew Nadeau […]

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30 Funny Comics That Cover Silly Situations By Chuck Ingverson

Are you bored with everyday life, you are looking for something new to laugh at then you are the perfect place. Meet Chuck Ingvarson, a Chicago-based freelance cartoonist and comedian who creates funny and funny comics. The webcomic features dogs, cats, bears, horses, otters, sharks and other animals. Who will make you laugh with his […]