COMICS Dark Comedy FUNNY humor Illustration

21 Slightly Inappropriate Comics Full of Absurd Situations and Dark Comedy by This Artist

Today we introduce you to an artist who creates short comics short enough to brighten your day with absurdist humor. Meet John King, known on social media as the NY Cartoonist. Fruits and vegetables are used as the main characters in the comic, but you also find bread, nuts, pizza, and other foods. John is […]

COMICS FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Funny And Humorous Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor By Bathpoopoo (New Pics)

Are you looking for some fun and laughter over the weekend? We have something special for you! Let’s welcome back the incredibly talented artist bathpoopoo. bathpoopoo is a creative genius while his real name remains a mystery. The artist creates fun comics filled with dark comedy and unexpected endings. Comics will brighten your day! The […]