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30 Funny Comics With Twisted Endings And Dark Humor Jokes By Dave Contra (New Photos)

Dave Contra is a master of finding humor in everyday situations. Comics fill us with creativity and absurd scenarios. Which is very fun. The comic is full of dark sense of humor. Which is quite popular among the people. We sincerely hope that the comic will leave a smile on your face. Dave loved comics […]

ART COMICS FUNNY humor Illustration

30 Hilarious Comics With Wacky Jokes And Dark Twists From “Joseph Novak” For Dark Humor Lovers (New Pics)

Today we have brought a comic for those who like dark humour, twisted and wali comics. Meet Joseph Novak who is from Canada but currently lives in Berlin. Novak’s comic has a strong affinity for dark humor and those with absurd or unexpected endings. Each of his comics makes you laugh. The exciting part of […]


Hilarious Single-Panel Comics Full Of Dark Humor Jokes And Absurd Situations By Tommy Siegel

Meet Tommy Siegel, the cartoonist best known for his quirky style of comics. The artist’s comic is often full of satirical and absurd situations. Tommy’s comic has been published in famous newspapers like The New Yorker. The comic is always imaginative, which people like very much. Tommy makes people laugh a lot with his witty […]