30 Funny And Humorous One-Panel Comics On Everyday Life And Politics By Dennis Goris (New Pics)

Are you tired of everyday work so you need to take a break? Today we bring you a comic full of dark humor with a surprising and often unexpected ending. Meet Dennis, the cartoonist who isn’t afraid to touch on sensitive topics or politics. The artist also creates other, slightly more light-hearted comics based on […]

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Funny and humorous comics for people who like dark humor by Dave Blazek (New Comics) 

Are you bored with everyday work and you want to freshen up your mood then you are at the right place. Today we have brought a wonderful comic for people who like dark humor, which will make your day. Meet Dave Blazek, the prodigious New Yorker cartoonist who specializes in single-panel comics. The artist has […]

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Artist Makes Funny And Humorous Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor (30 Pics)

Today we introduce you to one such brilliant artist who can undoubtedly add flavor to your entertainment with his quirky comics. The artist’s name is Chris Holbeck, and he is known for sharing his simple yet amazing comics. Chris has been publishing webcomics on the Internet since 2006. Initially, artists used to draw single-panel comics, […]