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30 Best Single-Panel Comics with Sudden Humor by Artist Nate Fakes (New Pics)

Today we have brought something exciting for all of you. Nate Fakes’ comic is back on thoughts of humans! Artist Nate Fakes will be familiar to many of you, the artist is known for his one-panel comics full of fun twists and unexpected endings. Nate’s unique talent for finding humor in everyday moments in his […]

ART COMICS FUNNY humor Illustration

One-Panel Comics Full Of Funny Situations And Silly Humor By Maria Scrivan (30 Photos)

Today we would like to introduce you to the talented cartoonist Maria Scrivan. who create one-panel comics with beautiful illustrations and witty commentary. Scrivan is an award-winning cartoonist, illustrator, and author. Comic depicts situations of everyday life in a humorous way. The artist has named his comic series “Half Full” which is very famous in […]


29 Humorous One-Panel Comics By Lonnie Easterling (New Pics)

How to start the weekend with fun and laughter? If you are interested in this, we have something special for you! We are pleased to announce that we are looking to introduce artist Lonnie Easterling. Lonnie is a creatively gifted artist who loves to paint. The comic depicts various silly scenarios involving collection heroes, fairy […]


One-panel comics full of absurd situations and goofy humor by Navied Mahdavian

If you’re a fan of comics, you can agree that they provide a uniquely enjoyable and relaxing form of entertainment. Today we have brought such a comic for you which will give you entertainment. Meet Navied Mahdavian, the artist from rural America known for creating funny, wacky one-panel comics. Navied started drawing comics in 2018. […]


One-panel comics full of absurd situations and goofy humor by “Constant Bagel Therapy”

Meet the ‘Creative Knight-Wit’ from Leicester City, United Kingdom. The artist is known for creating adorable one-panel comics. Humor is always imaginative, which people love. The artist adds fun wordplay, healing messages, and humorous puns to his comic. The artist has named his comic ‘Constant Bagel Therapy’ which is hilarious. The artist draws his comic […]

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30 One-panel comics full of absurd situations and silly humor by Jimmy Craig

We can all agree that the internet is full of amazing artists. Comics are definitely the most popular way to improve your mood. There are different types of comics: wholesome, endearing, dark, and even wildly sarcastic. Meet Jimmy Craig who is known for creating realistic and enjoyable comics. Jimmy draws his comic in a single […]