30 Single-Panel Comics That Are Humorous And Silly By Ed Himelblau

Today we bring you a comic full of absurd situations and silly humor that will make your day. Meet Ed Himelblau, a California-based artist who is known for creating silly one-panel comics. The artist is a professor in the biological sciences department by profession. Ed creates comics that are sometimes funny, sometimes scientific, sometimes about […]

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30 New Humorous One-Panel Comics By ‘Laughing Hippo Studio’ That Might Brighten Your Day

Today, we would like to introduce you to Doug Hill’s cartoon series. The artist has the talent to make people laugh with just one picture! Doug creates funny single-panel comics full of clever jokes and humor. The comics are heavy with simple but funny strips that many people love. Doug’s comic is full of positive […]

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The 30 Best Single-Panel Comics with Sudden Humor by Artist Mark Lynch (New Photos)

Today we’d like to introduce you to talented cartoonist Mark Lynch. Who create one-panel comics with beautiful illustrations and witty comments. Mark is very good at finding humorous aspects. He is known as “Daily Cartoon” on social media. Mark brings his unique humor to you through the cartoon style of his comics. We hope you […]

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This Artist Draws 30 Fun Single-Panel Comics for Dark Humor Fans With Surprising Endings (New Photos)

It’s important to take a break from the never-ending work, and we think we might have something that can give you even more relaxation – comics! Meet Derek Evernden, known for creating comics filled with dark, grim humor. Derek creates extraordinary single-panel comics that are very entertaining. We hope the comic will help you deal […]

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Metzger’s 30 Slightly Inappropriate Comics, With Fun and Dark Twists

Today we bring for you a comic full of dark humor and unexpected twists. Meet Scott Metzger, the artist who created the famous comic “scottmetzgercartoons”. The comic features animals that can speak human language as its main characters. The artist creates single-panel comics that depict hilarious situations. His funny ideas will surprise you. Metzger’s comic […]

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30 Best Single-Panel Comics with Sudden Humor by Artist Nate Fakes (New Pics)

Today we have brought something exciting for all of you. Nate Fakes’ comic is back on thoughts of humans! Artist Nate Fakes will be familiar to many of you, the artist is known for his one-panel comics full of fun twists and unexpected endings. Nate’s unique talent for finding humor in everyday moments in his […]


Hilarious Single-Panel Comics Full Of Dark Humor Jokes And Absurd Situations By Tommy Siegel

Meet Tommy Siegel, the cartoonist best known for his quirky style of comics. The artist’s comic is often full of satirical and absurd situations. Tommy’s comic has been published in famous newspapers like The New Yorker. The comic is always imaginative, which people like very much. Tommy makes people laugh a lot with his witty […]